Hi, I have one java web application deployed in Linux environment by which I am trying to download file's from Linux server. These files have samba mounting from windows server.
While downloading any file, if the file name contains simple english characters it works fine but if that file name contain German character's like ,,, then file corrupt while downloading.

After analysis I found that after samba mounting these ,,, Germen characters get replaced with '?' in Linux (May be Linux unable to identify ,,, characters).
Linux environment is set to LANG=en_US.UTF-8.
And we have done mounting with below options,
and also try with iocharset=utf8.
Also try by installing following package,
but it doesnt help us.

The same application works fine in windows environment.
I check it on internet, and I found that for this issue you have to add support for German characters in Linux environment.
Anybody know how to add German character support to Linux or How to resolve this issue??

Thanks in advance.