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    Write to multiple sessions?


    Im using putty to connect to some servers. Is there a program that let you connect to say three servers and when you write your commands to server1, server2 & 3 also gets the command?

    So I dont have to log in to all three servers to do the exact same thing.

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    Not that I am aware of.

    I general I am looking for a decent terminal on windows for a long time..
    SecureCRT, putty, putty connection manager,.. they all feel awkward imho.

    So, right now I am working with a linux VM on my corporate windows machine to do unix work.

    And back to your question:
    - log into a reasonable environment. aka: any unix
    - then I suggest you look into pssh and clusterssh for manual work on multiple machines
    - and cfengine or puppet for a more professional and guaranteed process
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    Write to multiple sessions?

    You probably thought of shutdown -k "xxx", but that is for where root is logged in.
    I remember (partially) there is a system command to do what you are wanting but... I can't remember it. I used it from Seattle to send messages to servers in Montana and Colorado.
    I don't believe it was a script but it may have been. Fiddle something up with telnet or rlogin.


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