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Thread: bit torrent

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    bit torrent

    Hi, i know this has probobly been addressed before, but i can't find it, does anyone know how to access bit torrent seeds(think thats the right word, havent used it in ages now!)


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    You should be able to find all the information you'd ever want about bt here:
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    Sorry been busy!

    I looked here, and was imediately drawn to the pytion client, this seemed to install fine, and i got it into mozilla no problem, but i can't find get anything to work, it always says that the it times out connecting to the tracker, i am bhind a Suse 8.2 firewall,

    Any ideas?

    Cheers, DPH

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    Azuerus has a linux version, i would try that. You probably just need to open ports in your firewall, but i don't use SUSE, so i'm not sure how you'd do that.
    Also, maybe the trackers you're trying to connect to are offline? I've had up to four torrents with different trackers all complain about not connecting while the rest are fine.
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    1 ) you should have Java installed on your machine.
    2) Then install Azureus, which is the best and it has a nice GUI
    3) If you want non-GUI then bittorrent is the best.

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    i had tryed that b4, but it didn't work, i got the latest version and finally it works,

    Cheers all!


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