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    bittorrent client

    hi ppl
    can any1 help me im lookin 4 a bittorrent client 4 me downloads and i cant find a descent 1 hope sum 1 can help
    thanks DAN

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    Here are just a few options for your consideration:


    Hope you find one you like.

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    Bittorrent client is pre-installed in most of distros. Which distro are you using? Search your package manager for available Bittorrent clients.
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    I use ktorrent on my CentOS system (KDE 3.5.4) and am quite happy with it. It's effecient, reliable, and has a lot of capabilities.
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    My personal choice is rtorrent. It's a great, fast, light, client. It works completely from console. But if that's not your thing there are webui's. But I personally think working it from terminal is the best option(webui's ate a lot of resources for me and really bogged down my 512MB computer).

    Besides that, I used both Deluge and Transmission for a couple years, and would also recommend them. Neither are as light as rtorrent, but compared to a lot of clients, they are really light. Transmission being the lightest of the two.

    Both also get really good support. Deluge has more of an informative interface though. It has the column interface(similar to utorrent or ktorrent). The devs of Transmission just recently started to add a little more to the interface though(actually they added what the Mac version has had all along). Transmission has what they call a minimalistic interface. Which I personally dug. But I was happy when they added the tracker view. Now you can see what torrents are from what trackers right from the main window, instead of before you had to right-click the torrent and hit Properties.

    But both were always really stable and fast for me, so it's really going to come down to a matter of opinion. I really liked Transmission more because on my aging computer I try to find the lightest of any type of app.

    Besides those three, Ktorrent is the only other one I've used on Linux(also utorrent w/wine but I really didn't like it, utorrent on windows was good, but under wine it seemed buggy, but a Linux version of utorrent should be arriving soon though). I personally didn't like Ktorrent. It had an excellent interface, and there are a bunch of plugins you can get for it(loved that you could listen to music straight from the client). But the client itself was extremely buggy for me. I was having trouble forwarding a port, connecting to peers, and the client crashed on me a lot. But maybe that was just me. A lot of people seem to like it so it must be half way decent. I would give it a try and see how it goes for you.

    Happy torrent hunting.

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