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Thread: Moonlight?

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    So I want to be able to stream netflix on ubuntu 10.04, but netflix requires M$ silverlight. I am trying to get moonlight to work but it still tells me I don't have the right software for this. I have installed moonlight 3.0, not sure if I got all the plug in for it though. Any help would be great.

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    Netflix doesn't support linux whatsoever, even using moonlight. As I understand it, moonlight doesn't support the DRM they use.

    You can join the Facebook discussion on the matter.

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    You are stuck using M$ cruft for netflix. You can run Windoze in a virtual machine and that will work just fine, but you are SOL w/ Linux at this point, even trying to use Moonlight. As Reed9 said, the problem isn't with Moonlight, but with the DRM that netflix uses. That said, I boycott any service, product that uses DRM. All my ebooks (a couple of hundred) are from a publisher who doesn't use DRM, and I won't pay any $$ to anyone who requires I use it.
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