I have tightvnc running on my RHEL distro and it works fine with a stand-alone client. I'm now trying to use the HTTP built in client as well. I used the -httpd command to set the web root to /usr/share/vnc/classes, which contains the standard index.vnc and jar files necessary for an http client. I then connected to the appropriate port using Firefox.

Firefox connects, but I get an empty screen. When I go to view source the source is empty. When I try downloading a class ( so localhost/file.class) I get the standard download screen but when I do a download I get an empty file. It seems that firefox isn't able to access or view the files in the httpd directory.

I did some research on my own and stumbled upon something about Ubunto requiring the tightvnc-java RPM, but the only version of that RPM I can find anywhere is for mandrake i586 so I doubt it would be useful for me; I'm also not certain that is the cause of this particularly issue.

Any help for this poor newb would be appreciated. Thank you