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    [SOLVED] Firefox and Chromium problem


    I've been an happy Linux user for some time, but now I have a problem that's making me a bit sad. Neither Firefox nor Chromium works properly. Firefox is just impossible to use, the window opens, but almost nothing in it appears. Chromium seems to be fine, but a few sites doesn't work at all. This could have something to do with Flash, as I was watching a Flash movie online and it went black and now I can't recognize my web browsers. I've tried reinstalling but nothing changes.

    The problem's are however not there if I start Firefox or Chromium as root, so the problem is probably in some file that's unique for my user and used by both Firefox and Chromium. Anyone now of a file that has those attributes?

    I'm using Sabayon and KDE.
    Thanks to anyone that tries to help!
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    First, I would backup the config files, delete the originals, and see if the problems persist. I've never had any trouble with Firefox on linux.

    Chromium, however, I do find to play poorly with flash. As you describe, frequent crashed on the flashplayer which don't occur in other browsers. I use midori almost exclusively to play flash video. I've found it to be the most stable browser with flash for me.

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    Solved it! Deleted the flash configuration files in my home directory and most of my Firefox configuration files and only the file called Extension Cookies of the Chromium configuration files. Back to normal!


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