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    CLI Based Linux Training Application

    Not sure if this is the right section for this question but figured it was close. I'm looking for a command line based application that is essentially a hands on tutorial for Linux. Something that has different levels of difficulty is key as the people this is intended for range from beginner to advanced.

    If I'm not making complete sense then this hopefully will help. I'd expect the program operation to go something like this:

    # ./linuxtraining
    Select which course you would like to try:
    1) 101 (beginner)
    5) 501 (expert)

    > 1

    Welcome to basic Linux training.

    Create a directory in your home directory named "Training".

    > mkdir /home/student1/Training

    .....verifying work....

    Correct! /home/student1/Training was created!

    Change directories to the directory you just created.

    > .....

    I'm sure you get the point of all this. The more advanced sections would run through things like starting services and turning them on and off at different run levels, go into configuring networking and setting up routes, and even deeper.

    It would also be cool if the program could undo all the changes before it closes leaving the slate clean for the next user and also check the command before it actually runs it on the system to ensure no harmful commands are run. I'm sure this scale of a program won't be free but if it meets expectations then I'm sure my company will pay for it.

    I'm really just looking for a way out of developing this on my own since I have a lot of other things on my plate and it has been a long time since I have coded. Thanks.

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    Great question! Sorry that I don't know the answer to this, but I'll be doing some Google searches today to find out (you can also). Sounds like there may be a business opportunity here - online (web-based) would be preferable, IMO; however, a CLI version could be useful for systems that aren't network-attached.
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    I'm not aware of anything quite like what you're describing either, however, I can think of two things you might want to look into.

    First is a distro called INX. This is basically a concept distro showing off what you can do with just a console and no GUI.

    Second is the Friendly Interactive Shell, or FISH, as a replacement for the usual default bash shell.

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    i don't know of anything like it, but it is a great idea would be worth a crack if anyone has the time (i'm not sure if i do between school and a website i'm working on)

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