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    i cant get flash player to install can anyone help

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    Which distro?

    for Ubuntu

    open a terminal and run

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

    for other distros it will vary
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    Hello and Welcome creamer!

    Like what elijah is asking, it would help if you can tell us what distro your using so that you can get a more specific advice.
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    Hello and welcome!

    One easy way to install the flash plugin in Firefox is to download and extract the flash plugin tarball, then move the file that was created into the hidden .mozilla/plugins folder found in your home directory:


    You can create the plugins folder if needed, and after Firefox is restarted you should have the flash plugin successfully installed.

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    i am running mint debian

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    Doesn't Mint have flash installed by default? Or does the debian version not?

    FlashPlayer - Debian Wiki

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