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    Issue with subscribing channels for client machine in spacewalk

    Hi Linuxians,

    I do have a problem in subscribing channels for client machine in spacewalk. If I go to "Alter channel subscriptions" page of a VM, I do not see any channels to subscribe. It just shows "None (Disable service)". On the same time, I'm getting the following errors in Apache error log and rhn_server_xmlrpc.log

    2010/11/29 05:54:00 -00:00 13251 rhnServer/server_token.fetch_token('ERROR', "Invalid token '1-9a1ccdd3cb19462c357c166bdaca3a7c'")
    2010/11/29 05:54:29 -00:00 12506 xmlrpc/registration.welcome_message('lang: None',)
    2010/11/29 05:54:29 -00:00 13255 xmlrpc/registration.create_system("token = '1-9a1ccdd3cb19462c357c166bdaca3a7c'", '5', 'x86_64-redhat-linux')
    2010/11/29 05:54:29 -00:00 13255 rhnServer/server_token.fetch_token('ERROR', "Invalid token '1-9a1ccdd3cb19462c357c166bdaca3a7c'")
    2010/11/29 05:54:41 -00:00 12504 xmlrpc/registration.welcome_message('lang: None',)
    2010/11/29 05:54:42 -00:00 12500 xmlrpc/registration.create_system("token = '1-9a1ccdd3cb19462c357c166bdaca3a7c'", '5', 'x86_64-redhat-linux')
    2010/11/29 05:54:42 -00:00 12500 rhnServer/server_token.process_token(1000010045, 'enterprise_entitled,monitoring_entitled,virtualiz ation_host,provisioning_entitled')

    RHN 13255 2010/11/29 05:54:29 -00:00: ("Invalid token '1-9a1ccdd3cb19462c357c166bdaca3a7c'",)
    RHN 12500 2010/11/29 05:54:43 -00:00: ('Server has invalid release and token contains no base channels', 1000010045, [{'note': 'default key', 'usage_limit': None, 'user_id': 1, 'org_id': 1, 'server_id': None, 'token_desc': 'Spacewalk Management Entitled Servers', 'token_type': 'enterprise_entitled', 'token': '1-9a1ccdd3cb19462c357c166bdaca3a7c', 'token_id': 2, 'deploy_configs': 'Y', 'kickstart_session_id': None, 'is_base': 'Y'}])

    Can anyone please help me out to solve this problem?


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    It seems like you don't have a valid installed Red Hat license. At least that's what I am taking from the log messages you posted. Since I don't have any experience with "Spacewalk", whatever it is, I am unsure of all this, but it's the best SWAG (Stupid Wild Assed Guess) I can make at the moment!
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