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    Get file history

    Hello all!!
    I have a question:
    I should gather information about a file. Not just the creation date last modify etc (I can easly get them with stat command), but the history of the changes (just the date would be enough.

    Anyone can help!?

    Thanks a lot guys!!!!

    \\ Tommy

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    You need a file system which supports that. Which one are you using?
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    It should be fat32 or ntfs, as the file is an xlsx.

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    Both are not versioning file systems. The file format also has nothing to do with the file system.
    Please have a look at this: File system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    and at this Versioning file system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in particular.
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    Is there a way to check it? It could be a Shadow Copy....

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    Shadow copies are indeed a posibility for NTFS but I doubt that Linux supports that. I guess you have to use this on Windows. Shadow copies also have to be enabled before. See here: Understanding Volume Shadow Copies
    I'd rather prefer a real versioning file system instead.
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    Hello Manoko!
    you're sure right... Unfortunately, these 2 files belongs to a friend of mine that actually doesn't know anything about IT.
    So, unleass the file isn't provided with a versioned file system, there will be no way to get a lil history tag (not the real modify, but just date and time)?

    Thanks a lot!

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    If neither the file system itself nor a daemon such as th Shadow Copy daemon on Windows keeps track of the changes, there is no way to examine this information.
    If the file system is journaled like Ext3/4 or NTFS there is a chance to recover the last not succeeded change, but that's something different than versioning.
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    What about using a version control system like cvs, subversion, git, etc?

    It might be overkill for just two files, and this would also work best with textfiles, not binary blobs.
    Additionally, you say your friend doesnt know IT. Which then might be a learning experience to get to know your version control system of choice.

    Just a thought
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    I know git an cvs, but they create the version history of a file... they can't gather those info of a file created, for example, on another pc.

    am I wrong?

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