Hi all,

for some years now I have kept my email contacts on a WebDAV server so that I can share access between a number of computers. It has worked seamlessly with Evolution v2.28 from the beginning and I have been able to create, search, edit contacts fine.

Recently I obtained new laptop and desktop machines and installed Fedora 14 on them, which comes with Evolution 2.32. However, Evolution 2.32 refuses to access my WebbDAV contacts, giving the error:

"Unable to perform search.

This query did not complete successfully. PROPFIND on webdav failed with HTTP status 4 "

The config was backed up and restored from a working 2.28 instance, plus I've tried reconfiguring it by hand with the same result.

I am using Apache with mod_dav as the WebDAV server. The curious thing is I don't get any record in the Apache server log - so it doesn't even look like it's managing to access the server.

I know the server is up and working because:
1) I can use Cadaver to log in and view the contacts
2) Evolution 2.28 still works fine.

Both of these show working PROPFIND operations in the server logs.

It is not the problem documented elsewhere around an "at" sign in the username as:
1) The username is just matt
2) That was the same error but with "failed with HTTP status 2" not "4"

I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer with this, as posting here is probably my last resort before reverting to 2.28.

Kind regards,