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    lighttpd configuration difference for redirecting http request to https


    I have downloaded lighttpd.1.4.21 package. I have successfully configured it for desktop (x86) platform as well as arm-xscale-linux-gnu (PXA270) platform. It worked fine for both the platforms. Now I have a requirement to redirect http connection to server as https.

    After digging in, I came to know that lighttpd package needs to be compiled with pcre (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions). I configured the same for both the platforms. I make it wok on desktop (x86) platform, but it is not working on arm-xscale (PXA270) platform. It thows an error:

    root# ./lighttpd -m /usr/lib -f /etc/https.conf

    can't handle '$HTTP[url] =~ ...' as you compiled without pcre support.

    (perhaps just a missing pcre-devel package ?)

    2010-12-08 23:34:55: (configfile.c.864) source: /etc/https.conf line: 131 pos: 3 parser failed somehow near here: {

    For your reference, I have attached https.conf file.

    After digging in further, I found out the difference between configure output for PC and configure outout for arm-xscale-linux-gnu platform.

    This is configure script for PC:
    ./configure --prefix=/home/sumit/working/usr/local/lighttpd-1.4.21/ --with-pcre --with-openssl --without-zlib --without-bzip2

    This is configure command for arm-xscale-linux-gnu platform:
    CC=arm-xscale-linux-gnu-gcc ./configure --prefix=/home/sumit/working/usr/local/armxscalelighttpd-1.4.21/ --host=arm-xscale-linux-gnu --with-openssl --without-zlib --without-bzip2 --with-pcre

    After comparison, I came to know that arm-xscale platform is disabling mod_redirect and mod_write modules. Whereas in case of PC, it is enabled.

    Please refer the configure output logs attached for both the platforms. If you refer, "disabled" section, you will come to know the difference.

    What could be wrong? Does lighttpd not configure mod_redirect, mod_write for cross platform?
    How to resolve this pcre error? Please note that, I have cross compiled pcre library successfully for arm-xscale platform.

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