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    Error Message while attempting RPM install.

    I was trying to install a newer version of Firefox and thought I would just try to install the newer RPM for Fedora without doing anything else and this dialog message appeared.

    could not do simulate: Can't install /home/kbs/Downloads/firefox-3.6.4-0.4.build6.fc13.remi.i586.rpm as no transaction,
    So what does it mean?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Personally, unless I had a pressing need for a particular version, I'd stick to the one that gets installed from the yum package manager.

    But seeing as you're not me, there are two checks you can make to see if this sorts your problem out.

    1. Make sure you're doing this with administrator privileges - i.e. as the root user. Either log in at the text console as root, or open a terminal as a regular user and issue the command 'su -' and enter the root password when prompted.

    2. Make sure you're issuing the right install command. You probably want to do 'rpm -Uvh <packagefilename>.rpm' if you already have this installed, otherwise use 'rpm -ivh ...'

    I think you can use yum to install a package from file, something like 'yum install <packagefile.rpm>'. I never do this, but I think it's possible. It should also go off to your package manager and get any missing dependencies too. You also need root privileges to do this.
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    The yum way to install an rpm is
    yum localinstall <rpmfile>
    You may need to use --nogpgcheck because you probably don't have the signing key installed, if the package is signed.

    But I don't think that's going to be successful either. If you want to install the Remi 3.6 Firefox package, your best way is to configure his yum repository:
    English : Repository Configuration - Les RPM de Remi - Blog
    Then follow his instructions for Firefox:
    Firefox 3.6 - Les RPM de Remi - Blog

    Take note that Remi's Firefox rpm bundles in its own versions of some things and does not support the OpenJDK java. So you'll have to have Sun java and set up "alternatives" for it, and you could have some issues of conflicts in other stuff.


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