I'm looking for Desktop AI (Artificial Intelligence) software like Hal and Verbots

I will describe what I am talking about.

These are programs that have faces and personalizes that you can speak with live in real time. They are displayed on your desktop. They are Not web based chatter bots. They can learn and talk to you intelligently. They can use speech recognition to understand you and have a voice to voice conversation with you or you can type if you prefer.

You can run your computer through them via speech recognition.. just tell an app to open and it opens. They can help you by doing things on your computer, you tell them to do, like search the web, get and read your mail etc.

Are there any programs like these for Linux?

See these programs so you can understand better what I am talking about.:

Search Zabaware - Ultra Hal Assistant on Google ( paid but has a free 30 day trial)

Search Verbot - on Google (free for windows users)

I have these programs for windows. I want the Linux equivalents. I currently use PCLinuxOS.