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    Help with setting up a Radius server

    Hey guys, i need some assistence with choosing the right OS and how to go about what i am trying to do.

    I need to set up a Radius server for use in an ISP which will be wireless internet only.

    I had thought to use Centos maybe and install and somehow configure Freeradius.

    I have little experience with Linux, but am a Windows Admin, and use Linux a little.

    My questions would be: Is there a best distro that i should use?? I have used Ubuntu the most, but not sure if it is best to use for this project.

    Freeradius website has documentation but it doesnt tell me much about how to get it all up and running, What we want is Authentication and Accounting and from what i can see Freeradius is a good option? Is there anything better that i can use? We will be eventually having approximately 5000 clients.

    I cant find any good tutorials on getting this all up and working, so would really appreciate all the help i can get here!!

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    Best distro is subjective, I'm afraid. It really depends on your needs. CentOS or other RHEL based distros are popular as servers because of their reputation for stability and their long term support, something like 5-7 years for CentOS/RHEL vs something like 13 months for Fedora, say.

    Ubuntu 10.04 is a long term support release, and could make a find option also. The server version has support until April 2015.

    I have no experience with Radius Servers so I can't help you out there. You've seen the RHEL FAQ on the freeradius wiki?

    Build a RADIUS server on Linux

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    In desperate need of help!! - WiFi Authentication/Hotspot

    I have no idea what i need to do and the more i read the more confused i am getting.. Please shed some light..

    Some people i know are starting a small Wireless ISP here, we have the wireless network sorted and now need to create a server that does the following:

    1. When someone sees out hotspot and connects, it will redirect them to a login when they try and browse. They are going to have to pay a monthly fee first and will get this username and password from us

    2. Accounting and all that will need to be done also

    From what i have read, Freeradius seems like a good option, but i am getting confised as to what that actually does.. I see others talking aboit Chillispot and freeradius together.. arent they the same thing basically? We have a cisco router so not sure if i can use chillispot as i dont have anything with DD-WRT on it?

    Does Freeradius itself have the login page so that when someone tries to browse it throws up a .php page where they have to login or do i need some other software for this?

    We are using Centos 5.5.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated.. I read through a few freeradius tutorials, but once its installed.. i have no idea how to access it or setup with the router to test from outside..

    I should add.. I am a windows system administrator, who dabbles with and uses Linux at home.. I know enough to follow instructions on how to do this but no idea how to do it without those instructions..


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