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    If, using KDE (maybe Gnome also), I wanted to use Office, then: Start, [then in the search box at the top] "openoffice". Otherwise, from cli
    oowriter=writer, etc:

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyhairweenie View Post
    Interesting that the packaging is that different for different current distros.
    Yes. I wonder why that is? Presumably either the different distros have layouts based on different versions of OOo or at least one distro has re-arranged things to meet their own standard.

    I can't make up my mind if I think this is a good or a bad thing. Different layouts make writing portable scripts harder (especially when you want to avoid relying on $PATH for security reasons) while monocultures make it easier for the malware writers.

    But in your distro, the wrapper script doesn't exec it, so it should remain in the process table until exit.
    I noticed that too & investigated as it offended me

    The wrapper script actually invokes another script that then invokes a binary. I think the binary must fork as the shell returns to the command prompt fairly quickly and oocalc isn't left in the process table.

    Interestingly enough there's some additional processing happening as multiple runs of oocalc produces a single running process, so soffice.bin must checks to see if it's already running.

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    To find where your openoffice are -- example type 'which oowriter' in a terminal window.

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    I can't add much to all that,which has gone before. However, it would be helpful if you could mention which distro you are using,,, it would save a lot of time and maybe avoid unhelpful or, possibly misleading, comments.


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