I no longer have access to my private key as it has been deleted. I have however the revocation certificate and the public key (as it is on a keyserver).

My question is:


Excerpt from the Enigmail manual:

You can use the revocation certificate that you generated in advance (or at least
you should have done so) to invalidate the key pair. Select File Import keys
from file from the Key Management window and choose the ASC file containing
your revocation certificate.

Send the revoked key to your contacts to warn them not to use it any more. If
you published your public key on a keyserver, remember to upload again the
revoked key to it.

I have done this.

I import the revocation certificate, I get that this was performed successfully.

I am then unable to select "Revoke key" from the popup-menu (by right-clicking).

I assume I am supposed to select "Revoke Key" at some point, and that simply importing the revocation certificate is not sufficient?

I proceed to upload the key to the keyserver, hoping that it has now been revocated.

But when I then delete the public key locally and proceed to download the same public key again from the keyserver, it is still there, and there is no mention it has been revoked.

What am I doing wrong?

Is this possible to do from the console? Please tell me how.