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    Firefox opens with old tabs

    When I open Firefox, it always opens with 2 extra tabs with webpages that I was using a week or two ago. This is despite me closing Firefox and hitting the option "quit" instead of "save tabs" I've also done a complete removal of Firefox and re-installed it, but the problem persists. Can anyone tell me how I might fix it? Thank you much. --Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimtyler View Post
    Can anyone tell me how I might fix it?
    Make sure Firefox is closed, rename your ~/.mozilla folder, then restart Firefox so that the folder can rebuild itself. If it all works properly, you can remove the renamed folder once you've determined you have no further need for it.

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    Can't find /.mozilla

    Thanks for the reply. I'm kind of new at Linux, but I believe that /.mozilla is in the root directory. Is that correct? If I'm right, I can't seem to get into that directory. It says I don't have permission to do that. So, I went into the terminal and tried "sudo ls /root" with the same result. What am I doing wrong? Thanks again. Jim

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    Nope, it's in your home directory. The tilda "~" in Ozar's example is a shortcut to the current user's home. You can just do in the terminal
    mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.bak
    And it will move it to a hidden file called .mozilla.bak in your home directory. Or open your file manager and hit CTRL+H to show hidden files and you can do it there. (Or ALT + . in KDE.)

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    Problem solved

    I tried both methods to change that folder name, and they both worked great. I forgot to do a final backup of my favorites before I started, so I changed everything back the way it was, backed up the favorites and then started over. Looks like that clears out the remembered passwords, too, but I can put those back in as the need arises. So, no more re-occurring old web pages. Thank you much for your help

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