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    I'm looking for math equation solver

    I've found an application for windows (unfortunately) Universal Math Solver. I'm not allowed to post links but you can google it easily.
    It not only shows answers but also shows steps in solving the problem. I didn't tried it but it looks like it is a great tool for kids to learn maths.
    I wonder if there is anything similar for Linux?

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    You might take a look at keedu-math. There are several parts to the package. One or more of them might be suitable.

    A google search on, say, "linux math software" will give you lots more info.

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    You can find some other Linux educational math apps for your consideration listed here:

    Math | Linux App Finder

    I'm not sure how they might compare with the windows app you mentioned above.

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    I'd recommend Maple for Linux, but it's not free:

    Quote Originally Posted by

    Maple 14 Student Edition Maple brings the problem-solving power of expert mathematicians to your computer.

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    Check out the Free Software Directory: Mathematics category.

    I hear the good ones are programs like "Euler". If you want a Perl library, you can try the "Math:MatrixReal" package. "Octave" aims to be a clone of "Matlab", but "R Project" is much better for statistical computation and signal processing.

    But I must also mention the "Haskell" programming language which is the best I have ever seen for mathematics. It takes a bit of time to learn, but once you figure out how to install the "hmatrix" computing library and make use of the various functions through the general-purpose Haskell interpreter "ghci", you can do much more than just solve problems.

    But my guess is you want something more straight-forward and specialized to equation solving, so try Euler or "R".

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    I recommend the Math Solver:
    http : //

    It can solve any equation you want!

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