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    1 to 3 dvd burning app

    I often need to make lots of copies of a dvd or cd for my students. Is it is possible to find a program that will burn 3 disks at a time (assuming, of course, that there is adequate hardware), burning either from a disk player of from a hard drive? Please let know what the name of this kind of software is - especially the multiple disk part. I tried a variety of ways to search and did not get anything significant.

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    This is generally not a good idea as you are going to be dealing with buffer under-run situations trying to push this much data out USB or disc controller channels. My suggestion is to get a CD/DVD duplicator that can handle 3-5 discs at a time - they are designed to do this. Here is a link to a supplier of these: DVD Duplicator, DVD CD Duplicator, DVD Tower Duplicator, Duplicators |
    As you can see, you can get a 1-to-3 duplicator for as low as $237. I have been doing business with this company ( -> Linkyo) for a number of years and they are quick, responsive to problems, and process returns efficiently without a lot of cruft.
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