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    [TRACKING] GSM number


    I have a strange question to ask, but before i will ask that question, let me explain the situation..

    Since yesterday i'm getting strange text messages from "somebody" that i don't know, he or she is acting like my partner ( my collegue ) of my job. Strange thing is that he past away a few weeks ago. I don't like this at all,cause i was close to my friend...

    Now that i have the telephone number of this idiot that is sending me text messages in the middle of the night, i was wondering if there is a chance on using tracking software to know where this sick bastard is located, so i can go to the cops and report this bastard for stalking

    Any1 haves some ideas on software or web based tools ?



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    With sympathy for your situation I don't think you can do exactly what you are asking for. The fastest answer may be to speak to your mobile provider and ask them to block the number.

    If they have really crossed the line then report it to the police with what you already have and they should be able to get the owner's home address from their phone number and go and have a word.

    There are very good reasons why you can't, and shouldn't be able to find this out by yourself, but you should be able to solve your immediate problem in quite short order.
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