Since is unresponsive about this I'd hope that I could get some suggestions on working through this here.

What I'm attempting is to install Netbeans 6.9 for J2EE development using Glassfish 3.
Oracle (aka Sun, rip) would seem to provide this simply by providing the two in a tidy bundle that installs all of this together.
As I found out, however, is if you try to run this installation as anything other then root you receive permission issues on the Glassfish installation. Ideally I'd rather not run the IDE out of root for a number of reasons.
I thought I had found a solution after finding a blog describing how to install a secure Glassfish image and allowing permissions to administrate it through a group process, so I simply added my user account as a member of this group and I can now start/stop/edit the glassfish system to my hearts content.
So my plan of action was to install these two parts separately. First install the glassfish server as I explained above, and then installing the netbeans IDE for J2EE using their install process, but foregoing the Glassfish install portion of their install (an option) and adding the pre-installed glassfish image to the netbeans services after it was installed.

But now I'm back to the same problem. Part of the process of adding the glassfish instance to NBs involves NBs having to edit system files within the glassfish bundle, and it can't do this because it's enforced that it can only be touched by either root or a user who is a member of my GlassfishAdm group, which 1) I don't want NBs running as root and 2) Don't believe group designations can be assigned to processes?

I would have thought this would have been an obvious problem for those wanting to use integrated IDE systems (I wouldn't be surprised if this problem would exist with Eclipse too?) in a shared environment like Linux.
It's been a while since I've worked in Linux so there might be an obvious solution, e.g. can an exec be performed on the netbeans process that adds the group ID, or, ?

thanks in advance for any reasonable (or otherwise) suggestions on this,