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    Evolution corrupt backup file

    Hi everybody,

    I am new to this forum, and first of all I thank you all in advance for your time reading my problem.

    The description is as follows:

    I am using evolution as my email program in a debian installation. It is working fine without problems. However, we are changing the server which has all emails to a new computer with Suse. All this information is just for a brief background on the topic, but I do not think it has nothing to do with the distros. I backup the emails in the Debian machine and send it over scp to the Suse machine. When I try to recover the backup file in this machine it crashes without finishing the process. I found that running "tar tf evolutionbackupfile", there is a CRC error, like if some of the files inside were corrupt. It happens with all backup files, meaning that repeating the process of backing up produces always a corrupter tar file. I think it has to do with this issue, but I don't know how to make evolution in suse machine ignore corrupted mail folders or files. As it hanged in the recovery process, now it won't start.

    Any help greatly appreciated, as there are thousands of emails.

    P.D. The backup file is 3GB. Maybe it counts as well

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    You may have some strange problem going on concerning tar or something, and I can't help you with that, if that is the case, someone else will have to do that. However---

    My evolution file is around 6 Gig and I have moved it several times to new machines. You can not just back it up and move it, and you will soon discover if you try to do that, that the new installation will have major problems trying to access it's data. Here are my notes on how to migrate it to a new machine.

    Evolution Migration Instructions

    The destination on the NEW computer MUST have the same USER and Password as the old computer user evolution is being migrated from. This is essential.

    On your OLD Computer:

    Close evolution if you have it running.

    Launch a Terminal and type in these commands:

    evolution –force-shutdown

    cd (to user home directory)

    tar -cvzf evolution.tar.gz .evolution .gconf/apps/evolution

    The above will ensure Evolution is shut down and that the two directories are archived
    together in one tar file.

    When the above operation completes, MOVE the created evolution.tar file to the same home directory of the new computer.

    Shutdown Evolution on your new computer if you have it running.

    Launch a Terminal on the New Computer in the same User home directory, and type in these commands:

    evolution –force-shutdown

    cd (to user home directory)

    tar -xvzf evolution.tar.gz

    Make sure the permissions on these files are correct (Read Write enabled) and transcend the entire file. (Use Properties/Permissions to do this if you want to use a GUI file browser.)

    Launch may take a few moments for it to initially load up its files the first time through. For instance, my New Evolution decided to upgrade its data into SQLite during one of my migrations, which was being used in a newer version of Evolution. Then it launched Evolution and there was another long pause while it loaded the first time. BUT EVERYTHING WAS THERE AND EVERYTHING WORKS GREAT! --And that's what it is all about.

    The above formula had worked flawlessly for me each time I have migrated, and that is quite a few times now!

    I hope this helps!

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