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    Virtual machine comparison - performance?

    I've been using VirtualBox for a few years now for testing distros and stuff, but I now want to bring it to a next level and run my Windows OS in the VM only so that I don't need to reboot when I want to do something in Corel or play a game that needs more GPU power (Wine is not ideal).

    I know theres VmWare, VirtualBox, Xen and the new KVM.
    Which one of these implementations is the best for using up the most resources from the main Linux os?

    I read somewhere that KVM can directly access drivers in the Kernel but the disadvantages is that it needs a newer CPU with a specific feature (Know Intel has it, not sure about AMD). Does that mean that It can use most if not all of my GFX power to run apps in the VM Windows or are there problems when the Win virtual system wants to use the Linux drivers through KVM?

    I know it's probably not a well asked question, but would be great if I could know hows the performance (of KVM ideally, as I can't try it due to an older CPU).

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    I've used Xen, Parallels, VMware, and VirtualBox. I use VirtualBox because it has good tools, works well, and runs fast enough for my purposes (similar to yours). I had to stop using Xen because I couldn't install the proprietary nVidia drivers on a Xen-enabled kernel, so I wasn't able to get the most out of my video hardware. I've been considering trying KVM on my RHEL/Scientific Linux 6 system, but haven't got a round tuit yet... In any case, VirtualBox doesn't like it when KVM kernel modules are installed... So, I have to uninstall VBox first, install KVM, test... around in circles I go again! So, for now, I am staying with VBox - I'm just too lazy to find that round tuit that is sitting around here somewhere.
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