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    instant bird added functionality....

    Hey guys- this may be an odd question, but maybe someone can help me, or if not, maybe a good programmer can write something that will do this. I've been using Ubuntu for a couple of weeks now, trying out different things, but the instant messengers really kind of bug me. The best one I've found so far is "instant bird." The problem is that when it maximizes, it docks to the left side of the screen, and it does not allow me to make it stay above other windows on my desktop. When I was using Windows, I used AOL instant messenger version 5.1.3036, and an add-on called Dead Aim version 3.2.1. These versions came out sometime around 2002 I'd say, and I've still been using them to this day because they do what I want them to do. This has been rather frustrating for me in Ubuntu, because every time I get an IM, it just kind of flashes on the screen and then goes away, I have to find it. it doesn't blink or anything. I've been missing a lot of IM's because of this. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Hopefully someone on these forums has used AIM 5.1.3036 with deadaim 3.2.1 and understands the power of this application!! If not, then you really don't know what you have been missing. If the features of these two programs were integrated into instant bird, it would be the best instant messenger EVER- and nobody would upgrade to anything else...!!! There would be no reason too, because in the words of Charlie Sheen--- "Things are perfect"..... WINNING!!!


    Hope someone out there responds!


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    Keeping an application on top of other windows is a function of the window manager, not the application. If you right click on the minimize tab for the application in the menu bar of the UI, you should be able to set that.

    As for IM tools, I prefer Pidgin myself. But that's probably because I have been using it for years.
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