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    What's a good GUI photo editor?

    Can someone recommend a good GUI program for shrinking jpeg files down to email size? I'm running both Ubuntu 10.04 and Puppy 5.2. Thank you much.

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    Have you tried Gimp?
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    I tend to just use gimp and save as a jpeg ... but I don't edit photos very often.

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    Gimp is free, easy to use and included with almost every distro. It should serve you well when resizing images.
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    I'll try it. Thanks!

    Good. Thanks for the help from all of you. I've installed it, and I'll give it a try.

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    A couple other alternatives (though GIMP is good)...

    If you're really in to photography or need to edit RAW photos you can't beat Bibble 5. There is a free lite version, but the full version does cost. (Though compared to Adobe Lightroom, it's a bargain.)

    There is a project called Darktable for editing RAW in linux as well.

    For basic photo editing, Digikam has some good options as well.

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    I vote for gimp too.
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    Lots to play with

    Good info from all of you. I've got all kinds of programs I can play with now. Thanks a lot.

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    Yeah this is very good information here i am here well i just want to say you that the best software for photo editor is Adobe Photo shop this is the best software for make the photos and edit your own style to the photos so i would like to prefer you to use this software for make and edit the photos ..........

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