Sorry for my poor english.
I have a problem with postfix and openwebmail. Can you advise me in any way that I'm missing.
There goes my vacation option (autoreply) in openwebmail.
If I enable autoreply in openwebmail option, it will make .forward make the file automatically in homeuser folder in the openwebmail but does not run, in/tmp / vacation.debug not write anything
According]RE: script not work

“Postfix is no exception. It doesn't allow virtual email accounts to use .forward files. But OWM uses a trick with postfix virtual users. Each virtual user created in Postfix by OWM is redirected through the OWM virtual user home directory .forward file. So Postfix is setup to deliver the mail not to the user mailbox, but to the virtual user .forward file. In this case the virtual user .forward file contains the location of the user mailbox (the .forward file can never be empty). When a new message for the user arrives, Postfix redirects it through the virtual user .forward file, which then redirects it to the virtual user's mailbox. OWM is coded to edit the .forward file differently for virtual users to keep this relationship. To the end virtual user it appears as if virtual email accounts follow the normal .forward file rules same as real users, when in fact it's quite a different process.”
But to make it fail to reach the Virtual homefolderul openwebmail and I think that's the problem.
I think emails go directly into var / spool / mailbox / domain / username and any form homefolder do not reach the openwebmail user and the file itself. Do not run forward.
Nor did I in mail.err or even an error message or anything to make me believe that even tries to run.
Thank you.