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    Special Characters in Password (PuTTY)

    hi there folks,

    first of all i hope i got the right forum for my question. If not forgive me plz and accept my apology

    My question regards PuTTy, or to be more concrete PsFTP.

    TBH I dont even know if its a Unix - related question, a problem with PuTTY or a win command line failure...

    I try to execute

    psftp.exe -bc -be -b mybatch -v -P 22 -pw $***<*** -2 -i PRIVATEKEYfile user'at'host
    in the windows command line which throws the error: "The System cannot find the file specified"

    If I remove the -pw Attribute everything works fine. (Though the manual entered password is not accepted... while i can connect via winscp without problems)

    The problem is caused by the special characters in the password attribute, i tried already a lot like putting the password in single and double quotes, brackets etc without success. I asked google for escape sequences, too. but i didnt got any satisfying results.

    Does anybody know a solution, without having to change the password?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I thought, password auth and key auth would exclude each other in putty/psftp.

    Two thoughts:
    1) giving the password on the commandline is a bad idea.
    At least in unix, another user could see it by listing the processes.
    I suspect, windows will be similar here.

    2) key auth should a) be enough and b) you would be able to use pageant as a ssh-agent to hold the passphrase to that private key.

    Case 2) is only viable, if you can live without a two factor authentication.
    This here should help:
    Using public keys for SSH authentication
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