hi ..,
i'm working on qemu for ARM processors & symbian platform ..
i wanna boot the syborg image so i used this command ..

./qemu-system-arm -M /home/m3ssaf/symbian/gcc/epoc32/rom/syborg/syborg.dtb -m 256 -kernel /home/m3ssaf/symbian/gcc/epoc32/rom/syborg_tshell_ARMV5_udeb.img -d out_asm,in_asm,op,op_opt,int,exec,cpu

but nothing happens .. & i get this error ..

ImportError: No module named qemu_arm_plugins

now i don't know what to do exactly .. i found a qemu_arm_plugins.py in ~/qemu/symbian-qemu-0.9.1-12/qemu-symbian-svp/plugins

if that's the missing module why can't it be seen ?? ..
& how can i make it be seen ?? .. all the files involved in this step are in hexa

any help ???