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    389 Directory on Lenny

    Anyone have a tutorial for this. All I can find is an install for Sarge. And every time I search I come up with install for Fedora/Ubuntu/Red Hat. I know it is not meant to run on Debian or probably is not but I know there is a way to make it work obviously they do have a guide for installing it to older versions.


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    Awww reed it's so sweet you don't think I know how to build a program from source.....although I will probably be following those instructions closely.

    Thanks reed gonna go see what i can do in vmware.

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    Ok I am trying to run ./configure and it keeps saying NSS not found so I found a guide to install NSS using libnss-ldapd which I hoped work and did not. Unless I missed something while trying to configure the ldap.

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    configure: checking for Mozilla LDAPSDK...
    checking for --with-ldapsdk... yes
    checking for --with-ldapsdk-inc... no
    checking for --with-ldapsdk-lib... no
    checking for --with-ldapsdk-bin... no
    checking for pkg-config... (cached) /usr/bin/pkg-config
    checking for mozldap with pkg-config... configure: error: LDAPSDK not found, specify with --with-ldapsdk-inc|-lib|-bin.
    Ok this is waht I can get up to I use this site to install the mozldap. And I'm still currently getting this error. Would also like to note in the pre-install section sun-java5-jdk could not be found by my debian.

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    Anyone on the mozldap thing???

    Or would it be better for me to just use alien to switch the mozldap from rpm to a dep to install it???

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