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    Application protection and shareware

    My company is looking at porting some of our commercially available software to linux here in the next month or so. In that lies the problem that we have been using for years now, EXECryptor on our windows software to create the hack protection and also trialware software.

    This being said I have just spent about an hour looking through google and cannot find a program like EXECryptor for linux. Something that will pack my application file into obfuscated code and also create trialware out of it.

    Does anyone know of software like this for the linux platform?

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    Now I'm not super experienced in this matter and I'm not 100% sure on what EXEcryptor does but I think you may be looking for something like
    It looks a little pricey but they do offer small business discounts:
    Plus they a free evaluation copy (there is a link under submit that says skip registration if you don't want to register):
    You might also want to look at different editions:
    The cheapest one is still pretty expensive at $795

    I hope this helped.
    Edit: Sorry the links cannot be clicked, I have under 15 posts so I can't post urls.

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    Thanks for the information, unfortunately not what I was looking for. EXECryptor creates a trial version of your software and protects it from hacking. All encapsulating your executable.

    But thanks for the info and help.


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