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    looking for graphical cpu and memory usage monitoring


    i am looking for an external application (running on windows machine) which provides grpahical monitoring for CPU and memory usage of a linux based machine.

    i guess it should be an application that open a telnet session with the linux target and use the top message in order to get the cpu and memory usage information.

    does anybody knows about such application?
    sorry for involving windows here.

    Thanks a lot

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    I would suggest to setup a monitoring solution such as
    - Munin - Trac
    - green : Xymon - Status @ Fri Jun 03 12:04:32 2011
    - Nagios - The Industry Standard in IT Infrastructure Monitoring
    - <there are many more>

    These are all web based, and therefore can use the well known auth and https mechanisms, if needed.
    Also the webpages are OS independent, you can monitor hundreds of machiens with one monitor server, etcetc
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    it doesn't help me. actually the target i am trying to monitor is a small arm based device which has a busybox filesystem running on it. i can monitor the usage through the cli using the "top" command, but i can't install any software on it (i.e. i am not the developer of it and it is a commercial product).

    so what i need is an application that can connect to that target's shell and reads the usage data, then present it using grphs.


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    Personally, I hesitate to reinvent the wheel.

    Maybe this is useable for you?
    WYAE - MoSShE - Lightweight, secure server monitoring

    The requirements for the client are low,
    but depend on the tools that are made available on "your" busybox.
    (It is a compile time and therefore packager decision, which tools shall be available via busybox)

    Requirements for MoSSHe:
    * Unix Shell (Bourne-SH, BASH, Busybox)
    * standard Unix text tools (fgrep, cut, head, mail, time, date, ...)
    * "netcat" networking tool

    for single checks only if performed:
    * "pstree" for tree view of process list
    * "dig" for DNS check
    * "free" memory display for memory check
    * "lpq" BSD(compatible) printing for printing check
    * "lynx" web browser for HTTP check or server/client architectures
    * "curl" web browser for server/client architectures
    * "mailq" if running the mail queue check
    * "mbmon" or "lm-sensors" motherboard check for temp/fan check
    * "smbclient" for samba check
    * [future] "snmp" networking tools (especiall "snmpget") for SNMP check
    * /proc/mdstat for Linux MD0 SoftRAID checks
    * "smartctl" (smartmontools) for HD health checks
    * "tw_cli" from 3ware (now: LSI) for Raid3ware checks
    But yes, you would need an additonal unix box to act as a monitoring server.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    We use Arm9 linux based controllers for controlling LED modules in the big message centers on business signs.

    When I started working with these controllers, I found that I could telnet and controll the cards. A simple help command gave me a list of all commands on the system including busybox. I was suprised and excited that make-install was present. We also had wget and ftp. I have worked with several different variations of these devices and have found that all have these capabilities.

    Also I have found that several types of these devices have apache running as well for diagnostics to be displayed through a web page. Phpsysinfo was enough for us monitor CPU and memory usage.

    I would think that if your are telneting an Arm based device with root access, all of the tools should be there for you to install packages.

    What is the Arm device used for?? Are there other ways to connect to the device? Do you have root access through telent?

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