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    Problem copying tables from a web page to libreoffice

    I used libreoffice to take some notes from some manual. There wer some tables in the manual.
    First I copied a table from the webpage and pasted it to a blank pre-created table (with the same column number as that in the webpage) in the writer, all its contents stayed in one cell
    Then I copied the table and pasted to vim first, verified that the columns are tab-separated, I copied the table from vim to libreoffice, but all the contents were still in one cell
    At last I decided to use a test case, I created a two-column table in libreoffice, and typed a<tab>b, it appeared as I expected, a in column 1 and b in column 2, then I typed a<tab>b in vim, and copied them to the tables in libreoffice, then got the result: a<tab>b in the first cell of the table
    So I guess typing something into libreoffice writer and copying something to libreoffice writer are not the same case, but how can I get the tab-separated values into different columns when I justed copied it from elsewhere, cause it would save me a lot of work, thanks!

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    Just paste the table into a blank document, or into the document you have where the table goes, as is, THEN convert the text into a table. Select the text that you want in a table, then menu, "Table/Convert/Convert text to table".

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    It works great
    Thank you very much, sgosnell!


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