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I am using rsync for incremental backups. I am backing up from one hard drive to another: backing up directories under / on one hard drive to /mnt/ backup/squeeze/backup.0 on the second hard drive. On the second hard drive I am using rsync with the hard link option (link-dest=) to link backup.0 to the previous backup (backup.1).

I checked the amount of space used on the backups on /mnt/backup/squeeze/
Each backup from backup.0 to backup.5 under squeeze is 12G. The total for squeeze is 16G. All the backups are hard linked and I am not making much for
changes. Why am I adding 4G?

Backup script:
mount /mnt/backup
cd /mnt/backup/squeeze/
rm -rf backup.7
mv backup.6 backup.7
mv backup.5 backup.6
mv backup.4 backup.5
mv backup.3 backup.4
mv backup.2 backup.3
mv backup.1 backup.2
mv backup.0 backup.1
cd /
rsync -am --delete-after --filter="merge /root/scripts/filter-rule" --delete-excluded \
--link-dest=/mnt/backup/squeeze/backup.1 \
/ /mnt/backup/squeeze/backup.0
umount /mnt/backup
- /home/joe/downloads/
- /home/joe/.local/share/Trash/
+ /home/
+ /etc/
+ /root/
+ /boot/
+ /usr/
+ /usr/local/
- /usr/*
- /*