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    Question Evolution mail folder list shows read junk mail count as bold

    Hi, I have been using evolution mail for many years. The most recent installation 2.32.1 seems to have an annoying bug.

    The folder list that keeps a count on folder read/unread folder mail seems to have a problem.

    The junk mail folder count will not change. For instance now it is showing 3 unread messages in bold even thought they have been read. When I right-click the junk mail folder and go to, "Mark messages as read" it still does not change from bold. It is behaving very differently from the other folders.

    I have searched the Internet but have not been able to find the remedy to this problem, so that is why I am now posting here.

    I don't think it's anything to do with my configuration because I have deleted everything and starting again, and the bug is still there. These are the steps I have taken.

    rm -rf /.evolution
    rm -rf /.local/share/evolution
    rm -rf /.gconf/apps/evolution
    evolution --force-shutdown
    Found the process id for ‘gconfd’ and killed it:

    ps -ef|grep gconfd
    yourusername 30515 1 0 13:24 ? 00:00:00 /usr/libexec/gconfd-2 12

    kill 30515
    So I started again and the bug is still there. I am surprised no one else has complained of this. Let me know if you have any ideas.


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    I have same problem since about one year
    I have done these steps (on opensuse install paths appear different from yours)
    How to reindex evolution mail folder when mail display hanging, slow or wrong - howto fix evolution mail index
    and the problem still persists

    after every reboot of the system or of evolution the count is zero (if folder empty)

    why nobody ever reported it?
    not worth the time as the bug only is optical and nothing functional
    there are more important things in life to do (look at global economy)

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    Hi Hans,

    I agree. It is only an optical thing, so it's not important. Just one of those little annoying things I suppose.
    I will keep an eye out on the thread, and Google in case anybody does develop a fix.

    But thank you for reminding me to focus on what is important. I have just purchased one of your recommended meditations chairs actually to help me do just that!

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    I have a slightly different problem. I see there are maybe 2 or 3 new Junk messages. I look, they're for Viagra or Windows 7, so I click "mark as read." Unfortunately, I then have to click another "OK" button to verify I really, really wanted to mark them as read.

    In the Inbox, which has more important messages, the 2nd "OK" isn't necessary.

    How can I turn off that 2nd question. It gets old after doing it a few times each hour.



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