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    Damn you Exchange 2010!

    Hey all!
    I've recently switched over to Ubuntu as my dekstop environment (still have Win7 as dual boot) at my office and I've found alternatives to everything I need except for a mail client that can communicate with our Exchange 2010 server. I can access my mail via the OWA web interface but I'd prefer to have a separate client.
    I know we have disbled IMAP etc so I cant use Thunderbird which was my initial thought and I also tried Evolution with MAPI plugin but couldnt get it to work.
    So, I have some questions for all you veterans, is there another client worth checking out that I've missed? OR (this is probably crazy) can I somehow use something like RDP to my dualboot Win7 and run Outlook through that wile still being in the Ubuntu? Or maybe Wine can handle Outlook?

    EDIT: So I tried seamlessrdpshell with rdesktop and connected to our TS and got Outlook to start that way, but it can only run in 8bit color depth so it looks like.. well you know the word!
    Might try to install an XP machine in VirtualBox and run Outlook though that and see how it goes, but I'm still interested to hear what you have to say!

    EDIT2: So I decided to try the TS Client that comes with Ubuntu and bam, it works perfectly with colors etc which is odd since TSC uses rdesktop to connect?
    I'll just use this until Evolution or Thunderbird has support for Exchange 2010 without imap. However, anyone got any ideas on how to initiate the TS connection automatically? I can get TS to run at startup but I have to press Logon and it would be nice if it did that by itself.

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    Have you tried the Gnome Evolution-Exchange mail client? It did work with Exchange 2007. You can install it from your package manager, or download/install it from here: Evolution
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    Thanks for tou reply but Ive already tried Evolution.
    "...and I also tried Evolution with MAPI plugin but couldnt get it to work."

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    I use evolution with exchange 2010, but im cheating using POP3 and SMTP, with ldap querys to the AD for the addres list, works fine so far.

    Good luck

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