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    yeah i noticed that as well, just follow them exactly but just go to where kazaa is installed and run wine.kpp as normal user......started right up

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    i think i'll try that
    thing but one thing where can i get the .dll's

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    so, when you say follow them exactly, I guess that means to use root the whole time until you want to run it then, hmmmm, ok, i'll try that

    here is what I noticed about the instructions that were not clear so far...
    it doesn't say exactly which rpm to use, the ones there are for red hat 8.
    I used wine-20030508-1rh8winehq.i386.rpm from here:
    I got the same kazaalite that was used on the site from here:
    or better yet, from here specifically, if the site works:

    anyway, when I went to install kazaalite, I was promptly given this message:

    wine klitekpp210b3e.exe
    wine: chdir to /tmp/.wine-root/server-345-14300e : No such file or directory
    I checked to make sure wine was installed:

    whereis wine
    wine: /usr/bin/wine /etc/wine /usr/lib/wine /usr/share/man/man1/wine.1.gz
    and also checked the version # and got this:

     wine -v
    wine: chdir to /tmp/.wine-root/server-345-14300e : No such file or directory
    so, no dice once again, oh well.

    as is clearly stated on my guide, if anyone needs the dll's just email me and I can send them to you, I have had them for a long time - just make sure you have plenty of room in your mailbox for them - they are about 3.5 mb's in total.

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