I'm a hardcore nerd, but I'm drawing a blank on a particular application, unsure if it exists. In the old days (and perhaps still) there was an app which ran on the PC which "combined" the excess memory from various sources the video card, for example, and made it available as additional RAM.

I'm looking for an app which does a similar thing with the disk space from different machines on my home network. Ideally, I'd open a file browser or other app, drop a file into the window (or copy it to a directory from a command line) and it would be copied to the "virtual" filesystem and would be visible to the other machines on the network.

I don't know if NFS or Samba supports this, and I'm really drawing a blank on how to accomplish what I'm looking for. Can LVM be used in this way? Are you aware of a way to set up a system like this?