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    unrar error and log

    Hi, I am unrarring a huge archive, and I see, at the end of it that there are a small number of files that apparently produced errors during the extraction. However the list is so long that when I scroll back I can only see a small section of it, so can't track which files gave errors.

    How can I log and view the errors?

    I tried the simpleminded approach of doing:
    unrar e archive.rar > log.txt
    but this produces an error and breaks the extraction.

    Any suggestions? (please speak slowly, and clearly...!!! )



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    Are you doing this in a console/virtual terminal, or in a shell (gnome-terminal, xterm, etc.)? If you're doing it in the latter, you can set the scroll buffer to be a really big number, so that you can scroll back very far. In Gnome terminal, you do it from the toolbar: Edit > Preferences > Scrolling > Scrollback (or something). In xterm/rxvt, you can set it in your ~/.Xresources file (see saveLines resource).

    But also, to modify your approach (which is perfectly fine) how about piping it to tee? e.g.:

    unrar e archive.rar | tee log.txt

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