hi All
I have able to debug the kernel but not able to map application through bootloader .
Since my uimage & initrd both are in nor flash ,I am able to map the kernel but when it comes to application I am not able to debug it.As iam running my simple application hello through hyper terminal ,application comes out by simple print hello, as per I know by default there is a breakpoint in set_binfmt()function

my cmm file

Break.Set start_kernel /Onchip
 ; activate autoloader for processes:
 TASK.sYmbol.Option AutoLoad Process

   ; using the script based application debugging
   ; gives more control over the single commands
   ; see file "app_debug.cmm"
    do app_debug hello
I am not sending app_debug.cmm file because its general .If anybody wants or any other query kindly let me know

I would like to add one more thing
I am getting warning like

code at software breakpoint has change at address at R:0000:C0089E08