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    Chmod/Chown permissions help.

    Can anyone tell me why I cant add files to my sftp server with my root, or sftp user accounts via filezilla, after "chown root:user /dir" and "chmod 750 /dir" as root user.
    I also have the CHrootDirectory option set to /dir as well in the sshd_config file

    The users are jail'd, but no one can add files, not even the root user, it returns permission is denied, if any, including root attempts to add a file.
    So I just have an empty sftp server x.x
    I SHOULD be able to add files with my root user I would think, but I cant.

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    Never set up an FTP server but a couple of possibilities spring to mind.

    1. 750 may need to be 760 (read(4) + write(2) = 6)
    2. Won't it be the user (or group) that the FTP Server runs as that needs the permissions to /dir?

    try the following
    chmod 760 /dir
    then bounce the FTP service and try again
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