I have installed festival 2.1. I created everything under /opt/TTS/. I have been trying to find out how to change the voice being used. Most of the Internet info is for 1.4, 1.95, and 1.96. Example: use
(set! voice_default 'voice_cmu_us_slt_arctic_hts)
and add it to /opt/TTS/festival/lib/siteinit.scm.
Another said put: (!set default_voice 'voice_rab_diphone)
in /opt/TTS/festival/lib/festival.scm
The voice_... were supposed to be in /usr/share/festival/voices/*
but the new directory system seems different. I find that voice_... are only found in /opt/TTS/festival/testsuite/data/ and in files htstest.scm or voices.scm.
I have not been able to determine conclusively whether or not the voice_... were previously stored in a directory or a file and if I can now just apply them as:
voice_kal_diphone in the set! command? Is festival going to know where to find them without a further path? Is the command !set or set! and is it voice_default or vice versa? Does it matter which .scm file is use? Is there a better way?
Thanks for help getting me straightened out.