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    Voice chat for MSN Messenger


    Does anyone know a good emulator for MSN Messenger that does voice chat?

    With Microsoft's MSN Messenger, under Windows, I can chat by typing text. I can however also plug in a microphone into my computer, and talk with people, using that microphone and the loudspeaker in my computer. That is what I want.

    This 'voice chat' functionality is very useful for me since I use it to have 'telephone calls' with my family who live in an other country. Telephone calls to other countries are expensive, and this is a way to do it cheap. Yes, for free.

    My family uses MSN Messenger and it will be difficult to change that So now I am looking for a Linux application that can do voice chat using the MSN Messenger protocol/platform/whatever.

    Therefore: does anyone know a good emulator for MSN Messenger that does voice chat?


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    if they don't mind trying another program, has both Linux and win clients, and it works very well

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    Hi Vergil,

    Skype might work, I have thought about it. But that needs that the other party installs Skype. That might be hard to convince... It would be much easier to use MNS Messenger.

    So if you happen to know a voice chat program under Linux using the MSN Messenger protocol, I am very interested!

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    the most advanced purely msn client I have seen is amsn, and even it doesn't have the voice feature.

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    Audio/Video support is currently under development in amns.

    But if you want to try a tricky pluggin the following might help:

    I think that you must at least compile the linphone-im modules.

    Good luck.

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    Gaim-vv also allows voice chat.

    If you can get it working as it's still under development.
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    Hey guys ....! It seems that even in msn under windows voice chat is not enabled by default (al least in the latest versions), quoting someone at >

    "basically they (Microsoft) say it won't work cause it opens your ports to comuter attack. If you want to do it. You have to let your firewall have access to the ports it works on. If you have a router, go to who makes it and find out how to open the ports on it. The firewalls and routers block these ports messenger voice works on. Good luck as I wouldn't open my computer ports to do this"

    are these security problems really that threatening ....?

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