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    "Permissions Denied" after moving files from one $USER to another

    My intention is to generate redistributable binaries of a compiler which is a spinoff of Open64. I am doing a ./configure - make - make install on my build machine, and I archived the content of the installdir and moved it to another machine under another user for testing. Upon testing, I see that the copied files still tries to access some files at a path which are in my $HOME - and hence that user gets a "permissions denied" error. Prior to creating a tarball of installdir, I am making all the files as universally +rwx.

    --In build directory
    /path/to/srcdir/configure --prefix=/path/to/installdir
    make install
    The user is unpacking the files like:
    tar xvzf archive.tar.gz --owner=<user>
    I do not have root/sudo privileges. The crux is - how do I build in one machine and use the install-files in many others without running into permissions related problems? I have asked this question in some other forums, and have not yet received an answer that would help me fix this error.


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    Can you give us more information about what you are doing. The actual command you are using to create the tar file and a copy of the exact error you are getting would be favourite. Pasting in the entire create and install attempt will hopefully give us enough information to solve your problem.

    Let us know how you get on.
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