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    video editing with kdenlive and dvdstyler ?

    I am curious about a few settings in kdenlive and dvdstyler.


    1) When rendering a video in Kdenlive I have the option of rendering as
    RAW DV
    AVI DV

    I am wondering some settings use a NTSC 16:9 ratio as oppose to a NTSC 4:3 ratio and I am wondering what the effects on the movie would be from this setting?

    Wondering what the DVCPRO25 or DVCPRO50 for the RAW DV / AVI DV is this just 25 frames per second as opposed to 50 frames per second?

    Also Wondering RAW DV, AVI DV , HD , and (some) RealVideo settings
    you cann't set the bitrate settings? Are these standard settings that all RAW DV, AVI DV , HD , and (some) RealVideo movies must have the same bitrate settings, Or is this just a restriction that kdenlive has on these types of movie file???

    Question 2
    What is the 2 Pass option used for and what is it's effect on rendering a movie file?

    Question 3
    I have noticed that dvdstyler gives me buffer under run errors if I set the background image to be a mpg movie. I am curious if their is way to clear this up. The dvdstyler creates the movie and menu file if I don't have it as a background movie. I am wondering how I can get it to work with a background movie. Note: I have done this before it is just this movie seems to be an HD type of movie instead of the standard def.

    Question 4
    For mpeg and other formats that allow you to set the bitrate for audio or video. What exactly is the bitrate effect on the movie Does higher mean better quality always?

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    Well, I solved question 3
    By unchecking the use mplex for menus checkbox under the configurations/settings in dvdstyler.
    Curious though why mplex screws generation up in some cases???

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