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    Question Diagnostics package suggestions? live CD or remote?

    Hi Folks,

    I am currently trying to fully migrate to linux from windows, so am a bit of a newbie. So please forgive me if i have missed an obvious point anywhere.

    I do a lot of PC repair and diagnostics, and someone suggested to me that there may be some linux packages or apps that can do remote diagnostics? eg. connect via data cable or ethernet, and remotely test the system.

    I was wondering if anyone could confirm this, and maybe suggest a few to me if such apps/packages exist.

    The other thing i have noticed a lot of, are live CDs. Would this be a better thing to use for diagnostics purposes?

    If so, could anyone suggest a distro that would be good for diagnostics.

    Please note that the majority of systems i repair are windows based.

    Sorry if i am asking in the wrong place, and thanks in advance for your replies.

    All comments are gratefully welcomed.

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    System Rescue CD is an absolute must for you. It is a Live Linux CD that is tailor made for trouble-shooting and diagnosing ailing computers (Linux and Windows). It has saved me several times.

    As for diagnostic apps, there are many available, readily available to your Linux distro, in all likelihood (many of which available in the aforementioned SysRescCD). What is it exactly that you want to diagnose? Keep in mind that you may need to be root in order to have the ability to run some of the diagnostics on the remote machines. Obviously, if you want to diagnose remote systems, then the Live CD solution is not practical, so let us know what it is you want to do and we'll try to guide you in the right direction. Knowing your distro would help, too.

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    Thanks for your reply,

    The current distro i have installed is ubuntu 11.4 (mainly as i have been told its more useful for office based tasks (other suggestions are welcomed though), however have used a much earlier version of debian based OS a while back, and have also had a go on backtrack 4/5 on a live CD. If i'm honest, i'm not really liking ubuntu, feels too much like a media centre.

    However wouldn't say i have "experience" to any extent in any of the above, just what friends have shown me when demonstrating linux. I also used to work for a VoiP company, and found cssh much more reliable than putty connection manager when running traces. so used to run it in a VMplayer.

    The type of diagnostics that i do are mainly PC based, not servers or remote desktops. I have been using hirrens boot CD for diagnostics and recovery so far. Mainly load/error testing, and hopefully recovery.

    The other thing i sometimes get asked to do it recovery of deleted/corrupt data.

    I will take a look at your suggestion, it looks like just what i'm looking for, I'm not a fan of the dos based hirrens, i find getting decent reports out of it a bit of a pain as there is minimal GUI. Sadly most of my clients wouldn't be able to get their head around screen print from dos.

    however i can live without, as i can always type one out as i have done so far.

    many thanks again.

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    I took a quick look at Hirren's CD - it has a lot of antivirus stuff! I don't think SysRescCD can match it there (though it does contain ClamAV), but it will certainly help you out in the data recovery department.

    Good luck.

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    Yes, i tried your suggestion on a machine i can correup for test purposes, and it works a charm. so thanks for that.

    I think keeping hirrens as a back-up just in case.

    Thanks again!

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    cool, and thanks for reminding me about Hirrens (I think I used it once in my murky Window past) - I still have Windows and definitely have family/friends on Windows, so the better armed I am, the quicker and I can get in and out.

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    Another awesome tool to keep in your "tool bag" is Parted Magic. It has a lot of tools just like the System Rescue CD. I don't leave home without a copy of it on a USB drive since it's only 181 MB in size.

    Parted Magic | Free software downloads at
    EDIT: I just noticed the last update to Parted Magic was 6 days ago....downloading the newest version right now.
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