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    Linx / Lynx CLI output?

    Hi, Everybody,

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use a console-based web browser (i.e. links or lynx) to render a page in the terminal, but then terminate immediately? I basically want to pipe the output of a webpage to grep. I was thinking this also might be possible with curl or wget...As I said, I'm trying do the equivalent of cating a text file and piping it to grep, but with an HTML page.

    Any insight would be appreciated.



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    Tell wget to write to STDOUT (standard output, or more simply, the terminal screen) instead of writing to file, which is the default. use the -O (capital oh, not zero), followed by a dash (hyphen), e.g.:

    wget -O -
    Edit: forgot about lynx, i used to actually use this a lot in scripts:

    lynx -dump
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