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    postfix - cant access from external

    i've installed postfix and it doesn't work. when i nmap localhost, it shows port 25 as being open, but when i nmap my external ip, it shows only port 80 as being open. i opened port 80 on my router a while ago for apache, and i also opened port 25 for smtp. i called my isp and asked if they had blocked it, as some of them do to prevent spamming, and they said it was not being blocked. however, when i ran tcptraceroute on my ip and port, it returned the following:

    PHP Code:
    Selected device wlan0address 55644 for outgoing packets
    Tracing the path to 
    **.**.***.*** on TCP port 25 (smtp), 30 hops max
     1  c
    -**.**.***.***.hsd1.** (**.**.***.***) [closed]  2.068 ms  1.680 ms  1.639 ms 
    my ip is disguised in the output, as well as the state i am in. if anyone can help me expose port 25 through postfix from my external ip, i would reallly appreciate it. thanks everyone. i love this website! ^^

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    hmm, i got it working by changing the listening port in postfix config file to 2525, but i still cannot send a test message to my gmail account, any suggestions?

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