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    Open source logistics software

    I'm looking for an open source logistics software for my company and after some searching I've come across 3 apparently viable softwares i.e. Overactive, OSLA and Venture Logistics. These softwares however don't have much written about them on the net pertaining to their installation and usage.

    If any of you could guide me with the installation and usage of Overactive and OSLA I'd be really grateful.

    I'm going to install and test it on Ubuntu 10.04

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I suspect you are on your own here! Of course, it IS possible that there are people lurking here who know about logistics and can help advise you, but my best suggestion to you is to install a Linux virtual machine, exactly as each requires it, or recommends as best suited to their application, and then work with it for awhile using real-world data, just as if you were going to be using it on a daily basis. No one knows your business better than you do (or shouldn't anyway), so you are the best judge as to what is going to work best for you. We can help with installing stuff, and interpreting what the system is saying when you have problems, but specific applications like this are possibly another thing entirely.
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    Yes, I'm more or less on my own. I already have ubuntu 10.04 install installed on my system and will be testing on the same. At the moment, I need help with installation of Overactive and OSLA.

    For Overactive the installation guide in their blog is windows centric, also the various ancillary softwares required by overactive are quite old.

    With OSLA I can't find any kind of installation instructions on the net, I'm not even able to login into their demo server at "". I downloaded the 1.6kb file and extracted it in the www file of apache, again I'm getting the same login page on localhost but I'm able to go no further. (I'm using username:admin, password:admin)


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